While Saint Willibrord is a small parish, we have many ways for you to get involved!

(Some of these ministries are seasonal. See the Calendar page for up-to-date scheduling.)


Bible Study

We are making our way through the Book of Revelation, in a study led by Dr. Alan James Beagley.

Inquirer’s & Catechumen’s Classes

All who are interested in learning more about the Orthodox Faith are invited to attend our classes led by Fr. Steve VanBronkhorst.

Church School

Those interested in teaching church school on Sundays, or other classes, are welcome to contact the priest to discuss your ideas.

Children’s Vespers

The children of Saint Willibrord gather weekly to read the Vespers service, introducing them to our worship and preparing them to be the future leaders of the parish. Children and adults are all welcome to participate in this time of prayer.


Ladies’ Classic Movie Nights

The ladies of Saint Willibrord meet monthly to enjoy a time of fellowship and watch a classic movie together. Visitors are welcome!

Akathist for Healing

The Akathist group meets weekly to pray the Akathist for Healing, remembering those in our community who are suffering from cancer and other health challenges.


In the Orthodox Church, our worship services require the presence and participation of the people, joining their prayer with that of the priest, uniting everyone into a common act of worship. As worship is the center of our lives as Christians, many of the ministries at St. Willibrord involve worship. There are many ways to be involved!


All of our services in the Orthodox Church are sung, and the choir leads the people in active worship through singing and chanting. We use a broad range of musical styles at Saint Willibrord, from ancient monophonic Byzantine chant to rich four-part harmonies. The choir strives for excellence to God’s glory. We encourage everyone in the congregation to sing, but if you have a special desire to help in leading the music, it is open to all regular attendees at Saint Willibrord who are able to commit to dependable attendance at services and rehearsals. See a choir director for more information.

Altar Servers

Attending to the priest and reverently assisting with the service, like so many angels on their errands, are the altar servers. Their important work helps the services run smoothly, anticipating the clergy’s needs so they are able to lead us in our common prayer: preparing incense, carrying lamps in procession, assisting during communion, and more. Subject to the priest’s approval, altar service is open to boys elementary school age and up, as well as adult men. All boys are encouraged to train for altar service.

Epistle Readers

The Epistle at the Divine Liturgy is very often read by lay people. This important task is open to men and women, as well as young people. Volunteers will be trained in how to read the Psalm verses for the Prokeimenon and Alleluia, and how to navigate the Epistle book.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares the sacred space of the church for worship: placing icons and linens, arranging flowers and plants, maintaining candles and lamps, preparing liturgical items for special services (especially during Holy Week), and more. The Altar Guild is open to adults who have a discerning eye and good taste for keeping the church beautiful and ready for worship.

Prosphora Bakers

In the Orthodox Church, the Prosphora (holy bread) used for Communion is baked at home by members of the parish. This is a very important task which requires both spiritual preparation and baking skills. Volunteers will work with the priest to ensure that the bread is of high quality and meets the standards of church use. Speak with the priest if you are interested.

Church Life


While we don’t station people by the doors to usher people to a seat, we do strive to always have someone available to assist visitors by saying hello and offering guidance and answering questions.

Hospitality Team

Coffee Hour after church is an important time in the life of our parish. The Hospitality Team makes sure that all the practical needs are met and supplies are stocked. On special occasions, the Hospitality Team coordinates catering and more.

Bookstore & Library

Volunteers help to maintain our small library and bookstore by keeping them organized and stocked with quality Orthodox Christian books and materials for borrow and purchase.

Parish Council

The Parish Council assists the priest with the temporal needs of the parish and assist in important leadership roles. Members are elected at our annual General Assembly each January. Adults over age 21, who are faithful members of St. Willibrord Church in good standing, and who meet the priest’s approval, are welcome to stand for election. Candidates must be approved by the end of December for the following year’s meeting.